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Welcome to the TeamVinh Elite Blog

by Scott Jackson on 02/02/13

Hello new Elite members!

Please post your positive comments.  Full throttle launch is coming the week of Feb 4th.  Thanks to all members that are new and the ones that have been with us for years.  All waiting on this next week.


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In continuation of the most recent update, V is in aggressive preparations for going: Full Throttle or "FT".  Reiterating, FT simply means all major marketing campaigns of V will be rolled out in phases upon formally entering FT, and throughout 2013.

Within the FT preparations, and per the current #1 Priority Task: Our Programmer is in the tail end of the final testing and wrapping up the iPayout & TeamVinh eWallet for integration into the TeamVinh.com back office this week. This Vital component is expected to be 100% integrated by the end of next week of FEB04.  This piece is one of the most monumental process of V and allows V to be [able] to go Full Throttle. Strong Emphasis: V cannot go strong or do any major (marketing), which includes efficient and high Velocity VPAK Fulfillment without said Vital iPayout piece - or component.

   To keep you progressively in tune with the essence or tasks of V; after said iPayout & eWallet component is implemented; sequentially thereafter, all TeamVinh.com website Content, Back Office Welcome Letter, Auto Responders, etc. will be fully updated. A new FAQ page will be published. And everything will further embrace the Savings Highway elements, which will cease all current confusions that is naturally present during this interim of the V & SH integration.

Anyhow, just to let you know, even while V is on "idle" pending iPayout and FT, new V Members are coming in steadily into the Orphans Tank (you know, Orphans are accounts V uses to fulfill your VPAKS).

   Further, our FaceBook "Likes" & Twitter are reaching record highs. We are also being talked about by the World Biggest Internet Marketing Gurus (whom are additional to our Partner MikeG and Jane Mark).


   We have also resolved matters such as with one of our Merchant Accounts (whom has held funds due to our significant growth since SEP19 Formal PreLaunch).

We are growing;

We have strong financial backing;
And all is Calm, Cool, and Collective.

Next, I want to touch on the small group of people that just don’t seem to "get it" per the process of V, where we came from, our current situation (the true silence before the great "storm"), and where we are heading. Patience have been heavily exercised by me and my top men in the V Operations. All others must do the same. Respectfully, my Vision in the V Revolution of the entire Network Marketing Industry is not just about one person. Nor is it just about you. It is about the millions of people AWAITING TO BE TOUCHED. AWAITING TO BE PLACED UNDER YOU !   These said people with the false sense of "anxiety" is only due to the lack of patience and lack of understanding of the powerful situation of V, which is also the #1 cause of taking up much of my time.  And because my time is getting more and more limited (for I do get impatient with impatient people), and to SAVE BOTH OF OUR TIME, and to preserve the time of my Support Team, I must let everyone know now that the next Refund Queue is set forth for FEB14. Of course we have a non-refundable Terms of Use, but as always, and per our 100% Track Record - simply request a refund if you just don't understand my Vision and the current needed process. Most importantly, if you don’t understand how Valuable your position with V and SH is right now, I don't have any other way to convince you. I find that the energies spent on babysitting V Members with lack of patience takes up valuable time for our new members that are ready to have their lives changed by V.

   Again, we are fully aware of possible confusions per content or protocol during this integration(s) interim of V and SH.  So please refrain from bogging down Support with questions that will be resolved and or addressed by the time we enter FT. Please be aware that we will ALWAYS notify ALL at each appropriate step and as V escalates to the next level.


   Anyhow, enough of that.

I also want all of you to know that I have a 1-2-5-10-20+ year plan for V, and one of the first big Sector that will be phased in is our Real Estate Sector. The License for that entity is under process as we speak and will be live and active by the middle of this year and ahead of it being phased in, which will be phased in by the end of this year 2013. This real estate entity (raw land development, construction, development, residential & commercial, water front development, etc.), will be owned by V and delegated and managed by top guns in the real estate industry. We will enter the real estate market in good timing. This will eventually be an international real estate sector and we will have many powerful investment bankers and investors backing this as V reinforces it with our Life Settlements Sectors.  Okay, more details on this later. Of course, my focus at hand is V and its FT, but this is to give you a valuable heads up as it does apply to Founding Members and per the Profit Share.

In closing,
Please exercise patience. The good news is that not too much more patience from you is needed!  VERY STRONG EMPHASIS: after iPayout and V enters FT, there will be no further major bottle necks to hold us back. And my Unprecedented goal in setting the world record in terms of the highest Corporate Revenues shall be realized. This is because V does NOT compete - because V Creates. V is Comprehensive and Superior. And it takes an Unprecedented demand (VPAKS) to set an Unprecedented goal.

All is coming together as planned. My Vision and Goal will be realized and all of you are at the forefront of an imminent paradigm shift to all of Network Marketing and genuine and lasting financial freedom propelled by V.

Please take care until the next update, which will be released after the iPayout & eWallet component is completed next week.
Update from Mr. Vinh Le on February 1st 2013
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